Detail Staff

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  • Harol Herrera
    Detail Specialist

  • Patrick Reimers
    Detail Specialist

    Prior to his current role as a detail specialist at Valu, Patrick worked for an electric company and actually became acquainted with Valu through visits to the service department to repair and install remote starts on vehicles. He's always been interested in cars and is enjoys seeing the ins and outs of the many different makes and models he details. He loves the feel of Mustang Shelbys and if he could drive anything, it would be a 1978 Dodge Charger. 

    Having a father in the army, Patrick grew up moving from California to Berlin to Maryland before finally settling down in Chokio, his grandmother's hometown. Together with his wife, Chrissy, Patrick has 4 young children that keep him busy; however, he enjoys rebuilding old motorcycles when he gets some down time. 

  • Joseph Goulet
    Detail Specialist