Service Staff

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  • Michael Bowers
    Service Manager
    (320) 589-1010

    Over the past 6 years, Mike Bowers has served in many roles and been a jack-of-all-trades at Valu Ford & Chrysler. His most recent role is managing the service department. He enjoys ensuring that your vehicle's service needs are met and that you are provided with an experience that is both efficient and satisfactory.

    A native to Bothell, WA, Mike was lead to Starbuck, MN after meeting his wife at Concordia College in Moorhead. He has a background in music, singing bass in choir at Concordia, playing trumpet and french horn, and most recently was a 2014-2015 member in the Choral Arts Ensemble of Rochester. Mike loves golfing and sports and is a big Seahawks and Mariners fan. He enjoys the opportunity to visit his family back on the West Coast.

  • Dean Pederson
    Parts Manager

    Dean has parts down to a rhythm and science. In fact, this is his 43rd year working with parts! He enjoys working with you to help you find the parts you need. Dean has a large family with 10 grandchildren. If they're lucky, they get to enjoying pan fishing with Grandpa off the pontoon and reap the benefits of Dean's 6 acre fruit, vegetable, and flower gardens!

  • Todd Staples
    Service Adviser

    Todd welcomed the change of entering the automotive business after years of raising pigs. He enjoys the opportunity to interact with you, serving as the liaison between you and the service department.

    To relax, Todd enjoys camping at the lake, taking the pontoon out and just floating in the calm, peaceful water. If he could travel anywhere in the world, he would go back to Paris with his wife as there is just so much more to see.

  • Jake Pederson
    Service Adviser

    Jake, a recent business graduate of Alexandria Tech, has always wanted to work in the car business. He is one of our service advisers answering calls, scheduling appointments and checking customers in and out. Jake enjoys the opportunity to work with you as your contact person while your vehicle is serviced.

    In his spare time, Jake's hobbies include playing racquetball, hunting and fishing, watching tennis and the Minnesota Wild. His dream vehicle is a new Ford King Ranch and his favorite music is classic rock, including the likes of Queen and Kansas. He believes "Carry Onward Wayward Son" is one of the greatest songs of all time!

  • Joseph Blascyk
    Service Adviser

    The automobile and service industry has been a part of Joe's life since he was a child. Growing up with a father who was a mechanic, he learned a lot about vehicles.  Prior to his job as service adviser at Valu Ford & Chrysler, Joe worked as a parts and service adviser for John Deere.  He likes the variety and pace of his position at Valu, with each day presenting different challenges, unique vehicle needs and people to work with.  Moreover, Joe enjoys the opportunity to assist and accommodate you, making sure that we get your vehicle working at its optimum level as efficiently as possible.

    Joe resides in Hoffman with his wife and three kids and is an active fireman on the local fire department. His kids keep him busy, but in his spare time he enjoys golf course outings and snowmobiling. 

  • Daryl Broesder
    Shop Foreman

    Daryl recalls his childhood memories of working on vehicles with his dad; he's always loved puzzles and trying to figure things out. As shop foreman, Daryl works to facilitate the process of cars serviced at Valu Ford, bringing you the best service possible along with a clean, smooth-running vehicle.

    Newer to our team and the Ford industry, Daryl only actually owns one Ford and it's a Ford Tractor! We're still working on converting him over and know he'd really like a new 1 Ton White Ram.

  • Tyler Erickson
    Service Technician

    Growing up around a family shop, Tyler jokes that he was "born with motor oil in his veins."  He couldn't imagine life without a wrench or without the ability to pursue his passion in automotive mechanics. While Tyler already has years and years of hands on experience, he is also in the process of becoming Ford Certified and working toward Master Certification for both Ford and Chrysler. He's grateful that his career as a technician is one that helps ensure your safety on the road.

    Beyond his life in the shop, Tyler is a avid hockey fan and former state hockey player. He also enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and ripping around on four wheelers.

  • Brenten McManis
    Service Technician

    Brenten grew up in Missouri working in his family's automotive repair shop. Upon making is move to rural Morris, he took a job in manufacturing. After some time, he began to miss the variety and pace of working in an automotive shop. Paths crossed and we actually discovered Brenten's talent for automotive mechanics during one of his visits for maintenance on his vehicle's radio. A typical question to be asked, we wondered who had installed the radio; Brenten responded with, "I did." Wouldn't you know, we had just found the perfect addition to our service team.

    Mechanics is not only a career for Brenten, but also a passion. He hopes to soon bring up some of his "toys" from back home, including his go-kart which he can plans to take apart and rebuild in his spare time. While being an automotive technician is a big part of his life, being a husband and dad is at the center of it all; Brenten and his wife Melinda are blessed with three little girls who keep them very busy and bring them so much joy!

  • Bill O'Meara
    Service Technician

    A graduate of Wahpeton School of Science, Bill spent his first 12 years working in Wahpeton in mechanics until a friend referred him to Valu Ford in Elbow Lake (Elbow Lake Ford and Mercury). He has been with us ever since, enjoying his co workers and the pleasure of getting things back and running.

    Bill adores his family, taking care of and spoiling his two grandchildren and grandpuppy. His first vehicle was a 1974 Plymouth Duster. Today, he dreams about a new Dodge Challenger, appreciating how they look true to the 1970s.

  • Greg Noaeill
    Service Technician

    With an entire career of experience in mechanics, Greg has worked on Ford vehicles since 1979 and Chrysler since 1985. He likes fixing things and enjoys staying busy, solving the wide variety of problems he encounters daily in the vehicles he services.

    Greg also loves fishing, aiming to catch whatever is biting. His first vehicle was a 1969 Ford e300 van but he also owns a 1990 F150 and 2003 Superduty.

  • Brian Haben
    Service Technician

    Brian began working for Valu Ford in the detail department and has since moved into his role as a technician in service. Growing up on a family farm and helping his father, as well as racing go karts (now dirt cars) from the age of 5, contributed to Brian's exposure and knowledge in automotive mechanics. Today, Brian couldn't live without racing his dirt car and is also passionate about farming and his family.

  • Larry Huebner
    Service Technician

    Larry has over 40 years of experience in automotive mechanics. Simply put, he "likes fixing things that are broke" and can fix just about everything. Larry is a die-hard motorcyclist and Sturgis attendee. In fact, he has now been to Sturgis 24 years in a row!

    When asked what Larry does when he gets home from work, he answered, "fix more things!" Chances are, he occasionally reaches for a Red Dog while he works away on his motorcycle or tinkers with his neighbor's broken odds and ends. Along with family and motorcycling, Larry's job truly is his passion.

  • Logan Sletten
    Service Technician

    Logan, an recent graduate of Ridgewater College in Willmar and an Alberta, MN native, was happy to find a service technician position at Valu Ford & Chrysler, allowing him to stay within his home town community. Logan enjoys working on engines and has recently become interested in electrical work. When he's not working, Logan can be found fishing or hunting with his Brittany Spaniel. He'd love to take a snowmobiling trip out to Wyoming someday.

  • Ordell Grewe
    Service Technician

    Ordell has spent his whole career in parts and service, having worked on small engines, trucks and cars. He enjoys the satisfaction of being able to make something run smoothly again. Ordell uses his spare time to hunt with his hunting lab Duke, repair small engines and fish. In fact, during his annual family trip to a rental cabin, Ordell barely even leaves the water!